Biden FCC Nomination Gigi Sohn Speaks at Event Touting Government Breakup of ‘Right Wing Propaganda Machine’  

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Gigi Sohn, the Biden Administration’s nomination for FCC commissioner, has attended a partisan event touting an FCC-led breakup of Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s “right wing propaganda machine,” adding to mounting evidence that the nominee is hopelessly partisan. The appointee would break the current 2-2 FCC tie in favor of the Democrats While FCC commissioners have a party affiliation, with two Democrat commissioners, two Republican commissioners, and one chair position typically held by whichever party holds the White House, commissioners are expected to remain relatively non-partisan in their outlook on regulation. With her nomination already on the ropes, Sohn has now attended an event organized by the far-left company Movement Labs (formerly “Resistance Labs”), which gleefully touts the potential for Sohn to use the powers of the FCC to target conservative media. “Rupert Murdoch has corralled far-right Senate Republicans” into torpedoing Sohn’s nomination, declares the Movement Labs press release.

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