Biden Energy Secretary’s Message to Americans Suffering Because of High Gas Prices: Brazilians Pay the Same Amount For Gas  

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Gateway Pundit

Joe Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has a message to Americans suffering because of high gas prices: Brazilians pay the same amount for gas. Gas prices are soaring because of Joe Biden’s war on domestic energy production. The current national average price for gas is well over $5 a gallon. Joe Biden’s incompetent and corrupt Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm on Wednesday was confronted about the pain at the pump during an appearance on CNN. Instead of offering up common sense solutions such as drilling for more oil here at home, Secretary Granholm said Americans should stop complaining because Canadians, Brazilians and Germans are paying the same amount for gas. “If you were in Brazil, you’d be paying the same amount for gas…” Granholm said. “We’re talking about the United States, though,” CNN’s John Berman said.

This is the new talking point from Biden’s White House. The Biden White House’s message to American peasants suffering because of high inflation rates: Shut up and be thankful for your crumbs.

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