Biden confirms plan to make first US-Mexico border trip

President Biden said Wednesday he plans to make his first visit as president to the US-Mexico border next week to observe the effects of record-breaking illegal immigration.

“That’s my intention,” Biden said during a trip to Kentucky when asked if he was “going to the border.”

The Wall Street Journal reported earlier Wednesday, citing “people familiar with the discussions,” that “the White House [was] strongly considering adding a visit” when Biden travels to Mexico City on Monday and Tuesday for meetings with the leaders of Canada and Mexico.

The visit is meant to help head off criticism of the president from Republicans and border-state leaders — but it could raise liabilities for Biden, who has sought to keep his distance from the humanitarian emergency that critics blame on his policies.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ trip in June 2021 to Guatemala and Mexico was overshadowed by her struggle to explain her own reluctance to visit the border, which she ultimately did weeks later in her role as Biden’s designee to stem the migrant surge.


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