Biden border crisis escalates, first mass migrant camp established at Dallas Convention Center

The Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas will concentrate a massive amount of young migrants into one camped spot.

A new report from the Associated Press details how the Biden administration plans to turn a convention center in downtown Dallas into a mass holding facility for 3000 migrant teenagers. The memo released today to Dallas city council says the so-called “decompression center” will be for males aged 15 to 17.

AP notes that the Border Patrol has to hold children for longer periods because the Health and Human Services Department has long since run out of space.

“American authorities encountered people crossing the border without legal status more than 100,000 times in February — a level higher than all but four months of Donald Trump’s presidency” the outlet describes the situation as.

It’s unclear if the Dallas convention center will be an improvement. As the packed tent facilities meant migrant children having to wait upwards toward a week just for a simple shower. This happening as the CDC has long since thrown out capacity limitations for these types of scenarios.

Earlier this month the Biden administration made a big deal about ending the family detention center style of holding facility.

In June 2019 the firebrand AOC remarked: “Concentration camps are considered by experts as “the mass detention of civilians without trial.”

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