Biden Admin Goes to War Against Innocent American Boys

Conservatives often characterize modern America as a “nanny state,” but the implications of this label are rarely explored. It’s not just about having a government that passes unnecessary regulations. The Nanny state is more fundamentally about having a government that is feminized at all levels. The past year and a half of Covid-19 tyranny are the apotheosis of the feminized nanny state.

Worrying about safety is an innately feminine trait, and not always a bad one: Women, being weaker, must avoid dangerous men, and mothers must protect children. When adopted as a top national priority, the obsession with “safety” is stifling, destructive, and in fact suicidal to a thriving civilization. Curtis Yarvin famously labeled America’s collection of ruling institutions “The Cathedral,” but he might have been more accurate if he called it “The Nursery.”

“Safetyism” is the ideology that locks up 80 million children for a year lest ten of them die of a disease most are immune to. “Safetyism” is the ideology that neuters all comedy, lest a few miserable, humorless creatures be offended by the wit of others. “Safetyism” is the Harrison Bergeron worldview that tears down the talented, the brilliant, and the beautiful lest their excellence cause distress to the wretched and mediocre.

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