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China: Xi Jinping Tells Biden to Clean Up His Own Mess in Ukraine


The White House did not immediately produce a readout of the video call between President Joe Biden and Chinese dictator Xi Jinping on Friday morning, but the Chinese Foreign Ministry produced a detailed account of the call immediately, publishing it within the hour through Chinese state media. In China’s account of the call, Xi told Biden he could not expect any help from Beijing cleaning up the mess he made in Ukraine. According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Biden told Xi the United States does not “seek a new Cold War with China” — a favorite talking point of the Chinese Communist Party. Biden further assured Xi the U.S. does not seek to “change China’s system,” does not support “Taiwan independence,” and “has no intention to seek a conflict with China.” According to the Chinese readout, Biden repeated these pledges to Xi twice during the call. “I take these remarks very seriously,” Xi responded. Biden said that instead of conflict, the United States wants “candid dialogue and closer cooperation” leading to “steady growth” in its relationship with Beijing. “President Biden expressed readiness to stay in close touch with President Xi to set the direction for the U.S.-China relationship,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said. Xi proceeded to lecture Biden about the “predicament created by the previous U.S. administration,” especially the problem that “some people in the U.S. have sent a wrong signal to ‘Taiwan independence forces’” that is “very dangerous.”

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