‘Bet it was made in China!’ Jill Biden’s awkward New Year’s Eve fail an omen for 2021?

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Let’s hope that Joe and Jill Biden’s struggles with trying to pop a confetti cannon on live TV isn’t an omen on what to expect in a Biden administration.

The Democratic politician, who shockingly looked every bit the 78 years he has under his belt and then some — was being promoted by his ABC media allies in an appearance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

The awkward segment gave Biden the opportunity to deliver “a special message of hope, unity and best wishes for the year ahead,” and things would get more awkward when a confetti popper got the better of his wife — who host Ryan Seacrest seemed to make a point to address as “Dr. Jill Biden.”

With her husband having successfully put together several sentences without a flub, Jill Biden quickly jumped in to add, “We’re so grateful for everything they did. They left their families and their homes so that we could be safe and all Americans truly appreciate what they did for us.”

She also encouraged everyone to take the COVID-19 vaccine — “Oh! You HAVE to take it!” she gushed.

As the spot drew to a close, Mrs. Biden had the simple task of popping the confetti, but she couldn’t pull it off. Instead, she broke the device — in a preview of the next four years, Seacrest rushed to her defense: “They never work right. Here’s to better luck in the new year.”

The Bidens praised essential workers, to include frontline healthcare workers, for the hard work during the pandemic. Disturbingly barren Times Square was populated by a smattering of first responders, medical workers and their families.

Referencing his mother, Biden said “bravery resides in every heart and someday it will be summoned.”

(USA Today lavished praise on the politician for the utterance, proclaiming that he “followed through with stirring words.”)

“The people we are honoring tonight were summoned and they stepped up and they were brave,” Biden said. “They have done so much. They risked their lives — we owe them. They brought the country together. It’s a big deal.”

Here’s the confetti fail …

Watch the whole cringy thing …

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