NFL sends radically mixed message with Super Bowl 2021 halftime show

The NFL season ends Sunday, and I suspect it will end the same way it began: with reminders that we’re all racists who need to change our ways. No specifics will be given. None are ever given.

And having not oppressed a minority since breakfast — hell, I’ve been a virtual shut-in since March — I’m sick of it.

It’s all part of the radically mixed, highly selective social and racial messages that have been delivered with the cowardly, pandering certification and capitulation of Roger “The PSL Salesman” Goodell and a chosen blindness to what most continues to afflict black America.

Scheduled to perform at Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime is the popular black entertainer who calls himself The Weeknd. It’s unlikely he’ll perform this one — though you never know — but here are the lyrics from one of his numbers, titled “Ebony.” Apparently it’s a love song. I’ve added the edits:

“I think I’ve finally fell in love now.

Her name is Tammy, she got hella bitches

She let me f–k ’em while my n—-s film it …

Man, I love my baby, man, I love my baby

Trust me, trust me, I love my baby

Man, I love my baby, man, I love my baby, trust me, trust me. …

Girl go ’head and show me how you go down

And I feel my whole body peakin’

And I’m f—in’ anybody with they legs wide

Got me higher than a n—a from the West Side

East coast n—a reppin’ North Side, never waste a ho’s time

Bitch, I’m on my own time, f–k a n—a co-sign

’Cause I get it better like proline, baby girl, I don’t lie

Used to have no money for a crib

Now my room service bill cost your whole life

N—a try to me step me, I go all-out military

I’m camo’d all-out like I’m in the military

Free my n—a Jack, wish he was out in February

Perfect time to come out for the album drop

But this s–t a throwaway”

It’s worth noting that a few weeks ago when CBS’ James Brown, a black man who often decries racial discrimination, announced on CBS’ NFL pregame that The Weeknd would headline this Super Bowl, he said he was delighted by this news — as was CBS, the NFL, and NFL Talent and Justice Coordinator Jay-Z. Pepsi is the halftime sponsor and enabler.

The Weeknd has a few clean songs, but many are aimed at those born to satisfy his immediate sexual lust, including a number in which he repeats, “who’s gonna f- -k you like me?” plus other more N-worded odes.

But James Brown claims to be delighted by the choice of The Weeknd, and it carries the NFL’s stamp of approval — as if Brown and Goodell would demonstrate the courage of their conviction by publicly repeating such lyrics.

And in our world gone nuts, to protest the use of the N-word is to risk condemnation as a tone-deaf racist who doesn’t understand the context— as if there’s a good one, as if the martyred Martin Luther King Jr. also just didn’t get it.

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