Bernie’s Hotel Rooms Must Be 60 Degrees, and Someone Must Stand In Them Even When He Isn’t There

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It’s good to be a socialist, if you’re a party member, not one of the peons paying for the whole thing. With three homes and a membership in the 1% (if you get paid a lot of money to put your name on a book and then your campaign buys a lot of books, you too can be a millionaire, etc…), it’s good to be Bernie. And then there are the private jets. But in April, Bernie Sanders took 50 staffers and reporters on a chartered Delta 767 for a trip to the Vatican where he briefly met Pope Francis. Not only wasn’t Bernie flying coach, but he was chartering mostly empty passenger planes on left-wing political jaunts. The menu on board Air Sanders included lobster sliders, crab salad, red lentil soup, herb crusted lamb loin, chocolate ganache, fine cheeses and white wine.


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