Bernie Sanders isn’t a joke — he’s dangerous


Pundits wrote off Sen. Bernie Sanders’s campaign back in October after his heart attack evoked the risks of nominating a candidate who would turn 80 during the first year of his presidency.

But since then, Sanders has made a remarkable comeback — and not just in terms of his health. Having climbed to second place nationally and raised a whopping $34.5 million in the fourth quarter, he now finds himself leading in New Hampshire and tied for first place in Iowa, according to the latest CBS/YouGov poll.

Perhaps Joe Biden, who enjoys much stronger support among black voters, is still in a better position to win the Democratic nomination. But Sanders’s candidacy is for real, and that means he must be taken seriously.

Were a major political party to nominate an avowed socialist as its candidate for the White House, it would be a monumental event in the nation’s history. Sanders is not merely an amusing old crank but rather an advocate for truly dangerous ideas that have caused great violence, suffering, and deprivation of freedom throughout the world. And although he has mostly stopped apologizing for communist tyrants, his policy recommendations evince the same lack of judgment he showed in the days when he did so routinely.

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