Bernie Sanders: Future Generations Will ‘Never Forgive Us’ if We Don’t Address Climate Change

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Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) issued a cautionary message on Friday, warning that future generations will “never forgive us” if the left’s radical agenda to address climate change does not materialize. “If we do not act boldly and radically to combat the climate crisis, and significantly invest in transforming our energy systems now, future generations will never forgive us,” he warned, posting a video hours earlier highlighting weather phenomena occurring across the country, including heatwaves and mass flooding. “China, in particular, is already suffering deeply from climate change. This is an opportunity to bring the world together. Instead of fighting wars, let’s go to war against climate change,” Sanders said in the video, which featured remarks he made during an appearance with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: Sanders is among members of the far left who are demanding that any infrastructure agreement includes major climate change initiatives.

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