Bernie Sanders drops out of 2020 presidential race

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Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose call for a political revolution attracted millions of ardent followers and galvanized a national movement for a progressive agenda, has dropped out of the presidential race, giving former Vice President Joe Biden a clean path to the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination. Sanders’ exit comes after a string of losses to Biden in the primary election. The intensifying coronavirus pandemic also meant he could no longer hold the large rallies that came to define his grassroots movement, though he often pointed to the problems many Americans had getting tested and treated for the virus as a way to push his signature Medicare for All proposal. Fiercely unapologetic, the Vermont independent senator’s call for economic justice, universal health care and an end to the “billionaire class” was the loud refrain for two presidential campaigns that pulled the Democratic party to the left. Ultimately, it fell short. For the second consecutive election, the self-described Democratic socialist was the runner up: finishing behind Hillary Clinton in 2016 and the former vice president this year.


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