Benjamin Netanyahu to Newsmax: Putin’s Nuke Threat Must Be ‘Handled Prudently’

Former Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu never thought the Russia-Ukraine war would reach an eighth consecutive month of military conflict, back when Russian President Vladimir Putin first ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine in late February.

“But the more it drags on, with all the horrors and tragedies [of Russia attacking Ukrainian civilians], it may spiral out control,” Netanyahu told Newsmax Wednesday evening, while appearing on “The Record With Greta Van Susteren.”

From Netanyahu’s perspective, it’s now possible that Putin’s apparent desperation to defeat Ukraine at all costs could potentially lead “to a crossing of the ‘red line’ that hasn’t been crossed in 77 years [the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Japan in 1945], the possible use of nuclear weapons.”

Netanyahu then added this “delicate” situation must be “handled prudently and responsibly.”

Otherwise, Netanyahu believes there’s no telling to what lengths Putin might go to destroy Ukraine — along with the Western powers supporting the Ukrainian troops’ efforts.

As the former Israeli premier, Netanyahu has met Putin on numerous occasions.


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