Barr says signs of ‘foreign actors’ exacerbating violence in George Floyd protests

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Attorney General William Barr said Thursday that intelligence officials have evidence of foreign meddling in the George Floyd protests. “We’re seeing foreign actors playing all sides to exacerbate the violence” during the protests, Barr said. He also identified three major groups involved in the protests – peaceful demonstrators, those exploiting the protests to loot, and “extremist agitators” including Antifa and other groups from across the political spectrum. Countries meddling in one another’s affairs has a long history. But such practices came under intense scrutiny during the 2016 elections, in which Russian actors were found to have meddled in races, and the Trump campaign was investigated for possibly colluding with them. The meddling in the recent protests raises fresh concerns about whether – or to what extent – foreign actors will meddle in the 2020 races.