Banned airline passenger spits at cop, poops in patrol car after fleeing on motorized suitcase  

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NY Post

A woman barred from boarding a flight to the Big Apple because she appeared drunk led police on a wild chase on her motorized suitcase — before allegedly spitting at a cop and defecating in a patrol car, according to a report. Chelsea Alston, 32, is seen on the bizarre pursuit in newly released bodycam video at Orlando International Airport, where she planned to board a Southwest Airlines flight in April 2021, WKMG reported. But a gate agent told her she appeared too intoxicated and refused to allow her to take the flight, according to the outlet, which cited court records. “I don’t want no beef. I’m just trying to go home and enjoy myself,” Alston reportedly said, claiming she had consumed just two drinks. Police officer Andrew Mamone responded and told her she was banned because of her glassy eyes, inability to stand straight and the odor of booze emanating from her. “It’s OK. You just need to go over to the terminal and sober up a little bit. Get another flight,” he tells Alston, who proceeds to wave her middle finger at him and unleash a stream of profanities. “F— you! Suck my d—!” she shouts before taking off on her motorized luggage. “We’re going to have a bike pursuing a suitcase in a minute,” the officer says as he chases the getaway suitcase on his bicycle.

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