Bangkok Opens Up as Virus Caseloads Drop, and Pretty Pups Benefit


Bangkok is crazy for purebred dogs. Some wear nail polish, and many wear clothes. Our overheated schnauzer needed a trim, and the government opened up pet groomers just in time.

When the coronavirus lockdown in Bangkok eased a bit after six weeks, the first appointment my family made was not for a medical checkup or a walk in a park. Instead, we called the pet salon. Caper, our 9-month-old miniature schnauzer, was desperate for a trim. Thailand remains under a state of emergency through at least the end of May, with almost no international flights in or out. But because of the country’s low confirmed caseload of virus infections — about 3,000 cases and 56 deaths, as of Saturday — certain businesses have been allowed to reopen under strict social distancing and hygiene limits. Businesses given the green light are most restaurants, cafes and street-food vendors; markets; dining-in sections of supermarkets and grocery stores; public parks and outdoor sporting complexes; hair salons and barbershops — and pet grooming salons.


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