Balenciaga’s ads also hinted at an ancient god who was worshiped by sacrificing children; deets inside

There’s more on Balenciaga’s latest advertisement campaign that featured children with teddy bears in bondage gear. The company may have dropped the images from social media platforms and even issued an apology for the ad campaign which was to promote their online gift shop for the upcoming holiday season, but eagle-eyed social media sleuths have found more references in the advertisement which somehow indicate that the brand or the agency responsible for the campaign had a very disturbing theme in mind. 

Fans on social media had been suitably shocked to see little girls holding teddy bears in bondage gear in the ad campaign. One YouTuber also pointed out another image which was an image of a Balenciaga bag placed on top of a court document. When one zoomed into it, it seemed the document was a court proceeding related to child pornography. 

Now, the latest ‘find’ that is being widely discussed on social media is another image- this time featuring a young boy dressed in a Balenciaga outfit, standing in a room. A roll of yellow caution tape is placed somewhere in the background. Instead of the regular ‘caution’ spelt out on the roll, the tape has ‘BAAL’ spelt out – as a shorter form of Balenciaga one would presume but Instagrammer Kendall Bailey, who calls herself a political commentator says that the campaign has disturbing dark undertones to it. 


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