Bahamas, Haiti want negative COVID tests from returning citizens. Antigua wants same from tourists.


At least two countries in the Caribbean are requiring COVID-19 test certificates from stranded nationals before they can return home, while another, Antigua and Barbuda, plans to have tourists undergo rapid testing for the novel coronavirus before boarding aircraft to visit its sun splashed beaches.

The Bahamas announced the requirement Sunday, joining Haiti, which was among the first in the region to do so. Other Caribbean nations are also considering the so-called “virus-free” certificates as health and tourism ministers weigh the return of stranded nationals and tourists amid the devastating economic blows of the global pandemic.

But the push for a COVID-19 “passport” in order to fly comes as the World Health Organization signals its discomfort with such documentation for travel, doctors and scientists still lack a lot of information about the coronavirus, and getting access to testing remains difficult in the United States.


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