Ayanna Pressley : Prisoners Are Vulnerable to the Wuhan Virus, So Let’s Set Them Free

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Town Hall:

Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley (D-MA), one of the coveted members of “The Squad,” told Rev. Al Sharpton prisoners should be granted clemency or have their sentences commuted because of the Wuhan coronavirus. According to the member of Congress, this is one way to help alleviate the spread of the disease. 

“This pandemic, COVID-19, has certainly crossed every socio, ratio and political fault line in our country and I’m just advocating to make sure that when we’re talking about our most vulnerable – our low-income residents and citizens, those experiencing homelessness, our seniors – that we are also including the incarcerated men and women, who are certainly amongst one of the most vulnerable populations and given the crowding and overpopulating in our prisons for a confluence of other reasons … are an ecosystem in a petri dish for the spreading of this pandemic, which is why I partnered with my colleagues, Reps. Velasquez, Ocasio-Cortez and Talib, to lobby the bureau of prisons to use the full power and to communicate guidance for how we will contain and mitigate this epidemic behind the wall,” she explained.

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