Axios Goes Full Woke in Memo Ditching Term ‘Killer’ from Company Culture


News site Axios announced Thursday it will be retiring its company phrase “killers with humility” to appease woke commissars who find the term offensive.

Taking its cues from Arianna Huffington (of HuffPo fame) and Wharton School professor Rachel Pacheco, Axios conceded critics of its phrase may have a point.

“Several readers — including Thrive CEO Arianna Huffington and Wharton School professor Rachel Pacheco — told us they hate our phrase ‘killers with humility,‘” Axios wrote. “We use it to describe ideal Axios employees: They have killer talent, but put the cause above their own ambition.”

Citing its “humility to listen,” Axios admitted that they ultimately agreed with Huffington and Pacheco, explaining that the phrase centers on the debate about modern business culture. According to Pacheco, the type of words used to describe a company’s culture will ultimately have a “significant impact on who applies and who joins organizations.”

The problem with the phrase “killers,” according to Pacheco, is that it might be too masculine. Arianna Huffington agreed.


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