Awkward moment Kamala refuses to kneel with Biden for photo with the Golden State Warriors after president bungled her name

President Biden wanted to wrap up his appearance with the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors on Tuesday by taking a knee with Vice President Kamala Harris.

But she refused and chuckled: ‘I’m not doing that’ – leaving the 80-year-old on the front of the stage, on his own, in an awkward end to the photo-op.

The gesture from the president was met with laughter from the team and sounds of shock from the audience, including from his No. 2, who didn’t want to join in on the kneeling position that became popular with athletes during Black Lives Matter protests.

The entire ordeal was perplexing, as panic-stricken players reached their arms out to help the president up when it appeared he almost fell – but Biden was only pretending to struggle and landed in what he thought was an athletic pose with a smirk. 

Earlier in the event, Biden also fumbled by seeming to forget Harris’ first name, calling her ‘CAM-a-la’ rather than the correct pronunciation of ‘COMMA-la.’  


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