Austria to Deactivate COVID Passes After Six Months in Bid to Push Boosters


Austria is to begin deactivating COVID passes after six months from February in an effort to increase the population’s adoption of booster jabs.

In order to increase the uptake of booster vaccinations in the country, Austria is to begin cancelling all COVID passes after six months.

New measures announced on Thursday also include the mandatory wearing of FFP2 (N95 Masks) in some outdoor locations, as well as a tightening of restrictions against unvaccinated, unrecovered individuals in retail settings.

According to a report by Wiener Zeitung, “Green Passes” issued in the country will start expiring after six months after the person’s last dose from February as a result of a government decision on Thursday.

Having been shortened down from nine months, the significant reduction in the pass validity period was seemingly done in an effort to increase the uptake of booster jabs, according to a report by Kronen Zeitung, with the nation’s vaccination rate having slid in recent days.


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