Atlanta cops REOPEN investigation into adoptive gay father accused of raping 14-year-old boy in 2011 – as he and his partner are jailed for sodomizing and pimping out their two young sons

One of the two Atlanta fathers in jail for raping his adoptive sons was accused of luring a different fourteen-year-old boy for sex, seven years before a Christian special needs adoption agency handed over two vulnerable young children to him and his husband. 

Zachary Zulock was reported to police in 2011 for allegedly luring a 14-year-old boy to his home and raping him. 

For some unknown reason, the case was not investigated properly by the detectives involved, all of whom have now retired, and charges were never brought. Detectives now working for the department admit their predecessors’ investigative efforts fell short. 

Now, it is being re-examined in light of the Zulocks’ recent arrest for raping their own kids. 

‘The 2011 case was handled in a manner that is inconsistent with today’s current investigatory standards but the law enforcement officers in the Criminal Investigations Division at that time have since retired. 

‘Current WCSO detectives are assessing the case and seeking any leads that may still yield charges. 

‘As with all cases, our detectives are diligent and passionate when it comes to charging child molesters and will always seek justice for the victim,’ a spokesman for the Walton County Sheriff’s Office told Townhall, which exposed the full story in all its horror today.

Zachary and his husband William adopted the boys from foster care. The boys, then five and three, had been removed from their heroin-addicted parents and placed in foster care.


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