As Whale Deaths Mount, Jersey Shore Leaders Warn ‘Green’ Wind Farms Will Destroy Their Home

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An alarming increase in the number of dead marine mammals washing up along the New Jersey coast has renewed enthusiasm against Trenton and White House plans to litter the shoreline with wind farms, a “green” measure on which Democrat Gov. Phil Murphy has gambled his legacy.

For years, Jersey shore leaders — mayors, fishermen, local councilmen, and lawmakers — have objected to the plans on the grounds that building the massive turbines necessary to generate energy could destroy critical fishing grounds. Now, bloated, decomposed whale carcasses floating onto boardwalk-lined beaches that families frequent, even in winter, to eat funnel cakes and play crane game machines are becoming a routine event, distressing locals who fear the shore may not be there for their children if the wind projects go forward.

At sea, the fishermen who live off of the ocean are witnessing disturbing evidence of whales facing unprecedented threats.

“The commercial fishing is extremely upset with the visual observations of dead whales floating at sea,” Brick Wenzel, Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey’s, fishing liaison and a longtime commercial fisherman, told Breitbart News on Wednesday. “One vessel said they had seen 3 different whales in one trip. Another had parts of a whale come up in their net. Most of the captains are generational fishers and are in their 60s — No one has heard of or [has] seen anything like the carnage being witnessed.”