As Texas Suffers Power Outage, Photos of Downtown Houston Lit Up Anger Locals


Texans have expressed their frustration at seeing skyscrapers in the state’s major cities lit up while millions of homes remain without power.

According to Power Outage US, more than four million energy customers in Texas are without power, as the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) is rotating controlled outages.

Around 1.3 million CenterPoint Energy customers are facing outages, while 1.2 million Oncor customers are without power.

But Houston‘s residents have taken to Twitter to share images of the city’s skyline with its lights on, surrounded by residential areas in darkness.

Anna Veselova said on Twitter: “Ok so we lowered our a/c and kept the minimum usage of electricity all day long because we feel so lucky to have it! But why downtown Houston empty office buildings lit up like nothing is happening?”

Twitter user @HTownTigah shared a photo of Houston’s skyline lit up while houses in the foreground of the image appear to be largely in the dark and said: “Considering Dallas and Ft Worth shut off the lights in their downtown to conserve energy, an empty Downtown Houston must look great at a distance from many areas (over 50 percent of the city) which are blacked out. Do Better Bayou City.”

In response to the blackouts in Houston, Mayor Sylvester Turner explained: “ERCOT is the traffic manager of the electric grid which reports to the State. Neither the City nor the County controls or regulates ERCOT or the power generators. That is solely the responsibility of the State.”

Let the finger pointing begin!

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