As Satanists take Scottsdale to court, the city council of Surprise City AZ adds prayer to start meetings

Scottsdale will head to court Tuesday to defend a city council decision to block Satanists from leading a council meeting invocation.

Meanwhile, another metro Phoenix city is adding prayer to the start of its meetings, knowing full well what that may mean.

“It’s only a matter of time before the Satanists come,” Surprise Councilman Chris Judd said.

For the last several years, The Satanic Temple, an international Satanist group, has been asking city councils across the country to lead their invocations. 

The Satanic Temple’s Arizona Chapter, based in Tucson, has made these requests in cities such as Phoenix, Sahuarita and Scottsdale, but has never successfully been able to deliver an invocation.

While other cities have gotten away with blocking the invocations by saying their calendar was full or ending their invocation practice altogether, in Scottsdale the council directly denied a request from the Satanic Temple’s Arizona Chapter.

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