As China’s military tech dominates, Congress demands science bow to racial ‘justice’


China’s murky intentions regarding its Russian alliance and the Ukraine war are making headlines. Whatever the outcome, the next global conflict could well involve the deployment of Beijing’s growing technological prowess.

China has already surpassed America in several branches of quantum information science, which entails massive computations and nearly instantaneous communications — and in critical areas of artificial intelligence, all of which have military applications.

This would not seem to be an ideal time, therefore, for America to be directing its finite science, technology, engineering and mathematics resources towards racial-justice initiatives.

Yet legislation intended to increase our scientific competitiveness vis-à-vis China is shot through with mandates to “diversify” STEM faculty, student bodies and research labs.

Never mind that diversity in STEM can, at present, only be achieved at the expense of scientific standards. Rather than sharpening our technological edge, Congress would dull it.

The House passed the America COMPETES Act — a quarter-of-a-trillion-dollar, nearly 3,000-page behemoth — in February; the Senate passed similar legislation last year. Both put the federal government in the business of subsidizing applied research and commercialization in such areas as domestic semiconductor manufacturing and clean energy.


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