Arrival of Over 33,000 Migrants Leaves Ireland ‘Struggling’ to Find Doctors


A recent surge of migrants in Ireland has left authorities in the country struggling to find doctors to treat new arrivals.

Doctors are now the latest resource to be in short supply within the Irish state, with senior officials now admitting that they are “struggling” to find medical professionals to treat some of the tens of thousands of migrants who have arrived in the country this year.

Over 30,000 new arrivals have landed on the island since Russia launched its “special military operation” in Ukraine, with some towns in the country seeing their populations double within a matter of weeks thanks to authorities promising to take in a limitless number of migrants.

The consequences of Ireland’s woke open borders policy to the crisis have been felt by the populace ever since, with the Irish Examiner reporting that doctors are the latest resource that have been put under pressure by the crisis.

At an annual meeting of the Irish Medical Organisation, one senior official emphasised that there were currently not enough General Practitioners to service new arrivals, with County Clare — which is in the west of the country — being the worst affected.

“There are 3,000 refugees in Clare,” the official said. “The GPs in Clare are under incredible pressure because there aren’t that many GPs in Clare.”

“There is a lack of capacity in the system,” she continued. “If there are any medics here who would like to take on some work, get back on the register. There is plenty of work there.”

Meanwhile, the conference also heard that the cramped conditions arrivals from Ukraine were being kept in were resulting in Chinese Coronavirus outbreaks, as junior doctors within the country’s socialised health system are expected to vote “overwhelmingly” for industrial action over “unacceptable” work conditions.


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