Army Scraps Leg Tuck from Combat Fitness Test After Women Struggled with It  

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The Army announced Wednesday it was scrapping the “leg tuck” from its Army Combat Fitness Test for good, and replacing it with a plank, after data showed women were failing at even doing one. “The Army’s decision to remove the leg tuck comes after a study from RAND concluded that the exercise did not correctly measure core strength in all Soldiers, as it relied on Soldiers’ upper body strength as well. Instead, the plank exercise provides all Soldiers a similar testing experience and allows the Army to accurately assess all Soldiers’ core strength,” an Army press release explained. The leg tuck was one of a six-event test, aimed at testing a soldier’s core strength. It required soldiers to hang from a bar and raise their knees to their elbows. The minimum to pass was one leg tuck. However, data showed that women were struggling with the leg tuck, and progressives serving in the military often took to Twitter to appeal to senior Army leaders to get rid of the event. Some members of Congress also got involved, such as Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL), who called the test “unfair.” According to a article, as of April 2021, 41 percent of women were failing the leg tuck event.

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