Army of 100,000 ducks deployed to combat locust infestation

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‘One duck is able to eat more than 200 locusts a day,’ says researcher

China will send troops of ducks to Pakistan to help battle against a huge locust infestation that poses a threat to regional food security.

At least 100,000 ducks will be deployed 4,827 kilometres (nearly 3,000 miles) from the eastern province of Zhejiang to Pakistan, which shares a border with the Xinjiang province. Lu Lizhi, a researcher at the Zhejiang Provincial Institute of Agricultural Technology, told local newspaper The Ningbo Evening News the ducks proved to be an effective method of controlling locust infestations 20 years ago. In 2000, a 700,000-strong army of ducks and chickens were sent to Xinjiang to gain control over swarms of locusts that devoured over 3.8 million hectares of crops and grassland.


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