Army Battalion Commander Under Inquiry After Allegedly Telling Soldiers ‘White People Are the Problem’

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Army Lieutenant Col. Andrew Rhodes, the commander of the 1st Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Regimental Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division at Fort Carson, is under preliminary inquiry after allegedly telling troops that “white people are the problem,” according to an Army spokesperson.

“The command is aware of an event involving one of our battalion commanders, we are conducting a preliminary inquiry to gather more information,” a spokesperson told Breitbart News in an email on Wednesday, adding “It would be inappropriate to provide any further details in order to protect the integrity of the inquiry.”

According to an eyewitness source, after soldiers in the battalion received a quarterly Equal Opportunity (EO) brief by an EO representative, Rhodes made additional remarks.

Rhodes allegedly told soldiers that EO and SHARP (Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention) were very important to him, that he would take every accusation very seriously, and that he believed there was only a .01% false accusation rate.

He then allegedly said “white people are the problem” and that white people correcting white people is the way to fix the culture in the military, and that soldiers could not depend on minorities to correct the majority.

The source told Breitbart News: “I agree with some of the statements but I believe it sets a dangerous standard for abusing the already broken Army programs,” adding:

I agreed that some of the culture in the Army needs to change, [but I] didn’t agree with how he singled out that white people are the issue and need to fix ourselves. [It] sounds like he’s only going after one group of people. And saying you will believe everyone sets a dangerous standard. For example, if I don’t like Sgt. Joe, I can just go make a report against him. It may come out with no results but that guy is still known for my complaint against him, and the battalion commander will back him/her all the way.

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