Armed man helps subdue suspect in deadly stabbing in Seattle

Fox News

A Good Samaritan with a concealed carry permit is being credited with helping to subdue a man involved in a deadly stabbing on Friday at a busy tourist spot in Seattle. Scott Brown was working at one of the food stands in the Armory, the food-court area in the Seattle Center, when the stabbing took place. “I saw a girl on the ground laying on someone’s lap, people rushing over,” he told Q13 News. “My focus was going outside.” Brown, who has a concealed carry permit, chased after suspect David Lee Morris as he fled the area. “I saw the knife in his right hand, so I ran after him. I kept getting him to try and put down the knife,” he told Q13 News. “We kept walking backwards and backwards and backwards.” In a video shot by a witness, Brown can be seen confronting Morris. Brown said he never wanted to shoot somebody, but to just keep Morris from getting away.