The big news of the day is suspicious packages were sent to the Clintons, the Obamas, and to CNN’s offices in New York. This a day after George Soros had a suspected explosive device put in his mailbox. That’s pretty serious if true, but also suspicious don’t you think?

What has been dominating the headlines? The ever growing caravan of migrants in Mexico. This on the heels of the Kavanaugh debacle that the Democrats created. Then there’s the mobs harassing Republicans in restaurants and in airports. Their blue wave seemed to be receding, so the media immediately jumped on the stories of long lines at polling places for early voting, of course insinuating the blue wave was rising. But NBC reported yesterday that the early voting seems to be helping Republicans in key states.

So what do they do now? Suspicious packages. I was the first one to say yesterday that the Soros bomb seemed suspicious. Let’s look at it on its face. The caretaker on the property who picked up the mail sees a suspicious package, yet he takes it out of the mailbox and puts it in the woods? Why would he handle it if it was suspicious? They say the package was hand delivered and not by the postal service. Well what about security cameras. We’re told investigators are reviewing them, but not releasing the information. Would a conservative bomber be so dumb as to not know Soros and the Clintons or Obamas would not get their own mail?

I’m sorry but I smell a rat. This is too convenient of a story line. The biggest Democrat names. The one network that has been on the attack against Trump even more than MSNBC. All of these getting suspicious packages on the same day? Hillary will be out claiming a vast right wing conspiracy again. Next they will say they discovered dyed orange hair on some of the packages. They’ll say the bombs had tiny little fingerprints on them. This will all not only be blamed on Trump, but somehow they will make him complicit in the actual execution of this plot.

And what is the result. They’ve succeeded in drawing your eyes away from the caravan. They’ve worked to inspire their base even more to go out and vote. The media will run with this for days on end. Just like they did when Republicans were shot on a baseball field by a Bernie acolyte. Oh, wait. They stopped talking about that as soon as they could to get back to Russia collusion. Make no mistake, this is an agit-prop technique like they used in communist dictatorships. This is all coming to a head, and it will lead to violence. I said it yesterday and I’ll say it again, there is reason to be suspicious of this. This seems more like politics than pyrotechnics.