Are American Jews Finally Leaving the Democratic Party?

PJ Media – Rabbi Michael Barclay

Way back in March of 2019, I proposed the idea that, similar to the BLAXIT movement, American Jews needed to remove themselves from the Democratic Party, which no longer exemplifies Jewish values, no longer supports Israel, and is controlled by leftist extremists who are anti-Semitic. Although slower than hoped for, it looks like this might finally be happening.

A recent poll after the midterms demonstrates this optimistic change. Thirty-three percent of Jews voted Republican in the primaries, up from 30% in 2020 and 24% in 2016. This new voting bloc proves two things: Jews are starting to wake up to political realities and letting go of their indoctrinated belief that Democrats are the “Jewish party”; and the rise has nothing to do with and is not tied to Donald Trump and his pro-Israel positions.

Sam Markstein of the Republican Jewish Coalition phrased it well: “Republican candidates are offering concrete solutions to the issues that matter to Jewish voters.” American Jews have typically voted for candidates who seem to support freedom, individual responsibility, kindness, compassion, and are pro-Israel. While the Democratic Party abandoned those values long ago, leaving the party has been a difficult proposition for many Jews.

We are all byproducts of our upbringing, and many Jewish adults today were raised by parents or grandparents who attributed (falsely) the end of the Holocaust and the formation of the State of Israel to the Democratic regimes of Franklin Roosevelt and Harry Truman. Additionally, as so many Jews “converted” from their faith to a “religion” of secular leftist politics over the last few decades, it seemed that it would be nearly impossible to get Jews away from the Democratic stranglehold.

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