Apple’s chief security officer indicted on bribery charges

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Just the News:

The indictments concluded a two-year investigation by California’s Santa Clara District Attorney’s Office.

Apple’s chief security officer has been indicted by a grand jury for allegedly offering bribes to secure concealed weapon licenses for several company employees. 

The security chief, Thomas Moyer, allegedly promised to donate 200 iPads to the Santa Clara Sheriff’s Office, in California, in exchange for concealed carry licenses withheld from Apple employees,” said county District Attorney Jeff Rosen.

Two county sheriffs, Undersheriff Rick Sung and Capt. James Jensen, were also indicted in the scheme, for allegedly extracting the promise from Moyer to have the company donate the iPads, worth $70,000, according to CNBC. 

The indictments Monday concluded a two-year investigation by the district attorney’s office, which found that Sung and Jensen “held up” the licenses, refusing to release them until they got something of value, prosecutors said in a statement.

The deal was scrapped in August 2019, when Sung and Moyer reportedly learned of a district attorney office’s search warrant to seize all of the sheriff office’s concealed carry licenses.

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