AP Report: ACLU’s Demand for $450,000 Payouts to Migrants Entices More Crime

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Criminals in Central America want a share of the $450,000 payouts demanded by the ACLU for the illegal migrants who left their children behind in the United States, according to an Associated Press report. And the best answer to the criminal threats is for Americans to invite even more poor migrants into the United States, say the lawyers for the migrants who are either living in the United States or in their homes in Central America.

The AP reported January 10: Ricardo de Anda, an attorney for the Honduran woman and Guatemalan man, said five of the 72 families he represents have told him they were threatened after news coverage of the possible payments. One in Guatemala was targeted in an attempted kidnapping. “These families have told us that they are now the subject of rumors in their communities as to the apparent wealth of family members in the U.S., that they have been subjected to surveillance by apparent criminal elements, and that they have been warned to be vigilant as criminal gangs are considering them the subjects of extortion,” he wrote to Michelle Brané, executive director of the Homeland Security Department’s Family Reunification Task Force. “As a result of the (news) leaks, family members in the U.S., and those trapped in home country, now live in constant fear.”

His client repeated the same story: The Honduran woman said her 56-year-old mother has received [extortion] notes asking for $5,000 a month. The mother cares for the woman’s other children, an 11-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter. The woman wants all to join her in North Carolina.

President Joe Biden’s deputies “are putting targets on people’s backs in [the migrants’] home countries,” said Rob Law, the director of regulatory affairs for the Center for Immigration Studies. He continued: The Biden administration basically said “Come here now,” and that entices some populations to get into business with the cartels and the smugglers, and the coyotes and expose themselves to danger and exploitation on the journey up. And then knowing that people are here, and there are these talks of lucrative payouts … you’re jeopardizing the remainder of the family [in the home country]. Whether it’s one or two, or entire family that comes [to the United States illegally], there’s going to be more people back home, and they’re all going to be interconnected, and then they’re going to be targeted [by criminals] because of this [ACLU demand for payouts]. Migration “is a wealth extraction strategy,” and the cartels’ criminals want a share of any funds being offered by the U.S. government, Law added.

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