AP ‘Fact Check’: It’s Not ‘Grooming’ to Sexualize Young Kids Away from Parents  

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Progressives are defending their in-school manipulation of kids’ sexual development by smearing the worried parents as conspiracy theorists. The smear helps progressives to keep the large bloc of non-political, non-confrontational parents from recognizing the long-term damage caused by the progressives’ K-12 sexual re-education camps.

The switch-and-smear defense is spotlighted by an Associated Press fact check, posted April 13. The AP article distorted the public’s strong support for Florida’s new law, which seeks to block teachers from pushing pro-transgender and other sexual claims on kids before the fourth grade. The AP distorted the debate by ignoring mainstream worries about classroom manipulation and instead spotlighting the online, uncoordinated criticism of Disney’s opposition to the child-protection law.

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