AOPA releases video analyzing Wings Over Dallas midair collision

The AOPA released a video in its Early Analysis series addressing on the midair collision at the Wings Over Dallas airshow between a Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress and a Bell P-63 Kingcobra. The collision occurred on Nov. 12 and took the lives of all six in both aircraft involved. ASI Senior VP Richard McSpadden talks about the conditions and known information surrounding the tragic event. The two WWII vintage airplanes were a part of the Commemorative Air Force show, requiring extensive checks of the aircraft as well as the pilots aboard. To fly for the CAF there are strict rules and provisions to fly the planes in front of a crowd. The NTSB will look into and confirm that proficiency requirements were met and were sufficient. The NTSB will likely rule out most aircraft problems, confirming both aircraft were airworthy. The conditions on the day of the crash were day VFR conditions with visibility of 10 miles. Winds were strong with a 15-knot wind with gusts coming out of the northeast. As the planes flew over the crowd the winds would have been pushing away from the crowd, ideal for an airshow performance. Visibility was good that day; the sun angle would have been mid to low in the west to the southwestern sky and not caused any issues. These conditions were not significant enough to cause a mishap, McSpadden said.

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