AOPA Early Analysis video examines the fatal Reno Air Show crash

In the Early Analysis series of videos by the AOPA, ASI Senior Vice President Richard McSpadden discusses his thoughts on the Reno Air Show crash on Sept. 18 that killed pilot Aaron Hogue. McSpadden breaks down the video of the crash and offers his theories on what could have happened.

The crash occurred as the Aero Vodochody L29 Super Delfin was racing with another aircraft for the overall trophy. According to McSpadden, when the L29 flew between pylon four and five the plane rolled out and went high on the outside of the turn.

“That’s what the racers are taught to do whenever they have any kind of a problem,” McSpadden said.

The pilot then set his bank and started to reenter the race.

“When he sets his bank, he pulls and then there is a let off of the pull and a continuous glide into the desert floor,” McSpadden said.

On the video of the race, you can hear the announcers say “we got a problem.”

McSpadden discusses a couple of theories about what caused the plane to crash.


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