Antisemitism in the US: Democrats get a free pass, Donald Trump does not

We are facing a vile and too often violent antisemitism pandemic today. It comes from multiple corners: white supremacists and black supremacists. The far Left and the far Right. The congressional squad and Joe Biden appointees with long records of demonizing Jews and harming the Jewish state. 

Sports figures and Internet influencers. Students for Justice in Palestine, the Nation of Islam and radical gunmen attacking synagogue worshipers and kosher groceries, and street thugs attacking pregnant Jewish women pushing baby strollers. All targeting Jews and the Jewish homeland of Israel. 

There was recently an appropriate outcry, across the board, when philosemite president Donald Trump briefly met with antisemite Kanye West, who brought along white supremacist Holocaust denier Jew-hater Nick Fuentes. My own organization demanded that Trump condemn West and Fuentes, and that Trump should not rest on his philosemitic laurels. 

The appropriate ubiquitous outcry was despite the fact that Trump has an extraordinary record helping Israel and the Jewish people. 


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