Antifa mob hurls smoke bombs at crowd of Republicans in Portland including children and old people, leaving two injured  

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Antifa and conservative protesters clashed in Portland over the weekend

On Saturday, conservatives rallying for gubernatorial candidate Stan Pulliam were hit with smoke bombs by a group of black-clad Antifa protesters

Police said ‘significant explosions’ were heard in the area; No arrests were made

On Friday, a small crowd threw things at a ‘People’s Convoy’ from an overpass

One shot was fired, but no injuries were reported and no arrests were made

Crime in Portland has risen since the pandemic, with the city hitting an all-time high of 91 murders last year

A black-clad Antifa mob in Prtland launched smoke bombs, paint, fireworks and rocks at Republicans supporting an Oregon GOP gubernatorial candidate who were demanding law and order be returned to the crime-plagued city. Video shows the intimidating group waving black flags and lobbing smoke bombs at the conservative crowd, which included children and elderly people, during the rally near Southwest 3rd Avenue and Southwest Main Street on Saturday. ‘We’re taking the city back. We’re funding the police,’ one man shouted from a megaphone. ‘No longer are we gonna have the crime and the mayhem.’ As the group demonstrated, a mob of close to a dozen Antifa protesters approached them and threw smoke bombs at them. ‘Heads up, rocks!’ one man shouts. Two people were injured and no arrests have been made, police said. The troubling incident came on the heels of another attack by the radical Antifa members who threw rocks from an overpass at People’s Convoy truckers.

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