Antibody levels drop sharply after 3 months of second vaccine jab: Israeli study

However, Sheba hospital says ‘we are still not sure this decline has significance’

Antibody levels of some health workers who were inoculated with the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine dropped sharply in less than 3 months after receiving the second shot, a study conducted by Israel’s largest hospital showed — outlet Ynet reported on Wednesday.

Employees of Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan were one of the first in Israel to get vaccinated when the country launched its immunization campaign at the end of December.

These medical staff workers are taking part in a long-term serological study designed to track the level of protection in their blood cells, according to the report.

Sheba’s monitoring process consists of monthly blood tests to identify the antibody levels.

In the past few weeks, the hospital noticed that some of the workers’ antibodies dropped to levels that are considered “not vaccinated.”

Despite the results, the hospital emphasized that the decline does not necessarily compromise one’s immunity against Covid-19.

According to recent data published by the Health Ministry, the hospitalization rate of those fully vaccinated has been on the rise, Ynet reported.

This information comes in the wake of reports suggesting that Health Ministry officials are pressuring the Cabinet to promptly purchase 36 million more vaccines. Public radio Kan reported that the estimate is that there will be a requirement to vaccinate the population every 6 months, possibly with two doses.

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