Anti-vaxxer causes mass-infection in special needs kindergarten

Jerusalem Post

An anti-vaxxer got infected with COVID-19 and sent her twins to their special needs kindergarten, sparking a mass-infection.

An anti-vaxxer was the source of a mass-infection of COVID-19 in a special needs kindergarten in Ra’anana last week, Ynet reported. The infection was discovered when the kindergarten teacher wrote in the parents’ WhatsApp group that one of the staff had been infected, and so all the children needed to be put in isolation. “It was the last week of kindergarten in any case, so we all immediately got tested and went into isolation,” one of the mothers told Ynet. But another mother, who has twins in the kindergarten, refused to isolate her kids. “I refuse to put the children into isolation, and I won’t get them tested,” she wrote in the WhatsApp group. “I won’t take part in this madness, I’m sorry, it’s enough.”

After a short argument with her ex-husband in the WhatsApp group, the ex-husband wrote: “Get well soon, Nurit. I hope you’re recovering well from COVID-19.” The woman immediately left the group. The next day, the parents received the results of their kids’ tests, and many of them were positive. “We went back through the messages and realized that she was the one who infected them,” a different mother told Ynet. “We went into her Facebook and discovered that she clearly wrote there that she has been sick since the 9th. She still sent her twins to kindergarten. They’re also infected now.”

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