WATCH – Anti-lockdown mob clashes with cops at demo in London after police warned protesters will be arrested

The Sun:

ANTI-lockdown protesters clashed with cops in London today after police warned they could be arrested if they gathered.

Hundreds of maskless demonstrators marched through the capital to rally against Covid rules, just hours after the Met urged people not to join. Protesters began their march in Hyde Park, continuing towards Oxford Street and blocking off Park Lane – despite demonstrations being banned under lockdown restrictions.

Cops were forced to run back to their vans, as protesters threw bottles and cans at them in Hyde Park.

Around a hundred police officers wearing riot helmets and carrying shields arrived at Hyde Park and urged people to go home.

A group of around one hundred chased police vehicles, punching and kicking them, as they left the area following a day of protests around central London. Members of the public left the park, with small children carried by their parents.

Crowds of people held placards and chanted as they stormed the streets, with one banner reading “stop destroying our kids’ lives”.

Another woman held a sign which said: “Yes sex is great, but have you ever been f***ed by the Government?”

Officers from the Met Police were out in force to keep the peace, with officers on standby to deal with any trouble. Cops removed one demonstrator who mocked the lockdown restrictions in a hazmat suit and gas mask, escorting him from the crowd.

Another was pinned to the ground by officers while Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers Corbyn addressed the masses on a megaphone. Several demonstrators also let off flares for the rally, with coloured smoke billowing from the crowds.

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