Anti-cop protesters make Portland ‘look like a war zone’ with fires, looting

New York Post:

Anti-cop protesters started huge fires near a Portland police precinct early Friday, as looters plundered nearby stores, according to police and local reports.

“North Portland looks like a war zone right now,” journalist Andy Ngô tweeted alongside videos of numerous large fires in the Oregon city.

He said militants “tried to establish an autonomous zone outside” the North Precinct in the city and “they then started fires in the street.”

Other footage showed people chanting “no good cops in a racist system” as they watched a large fire burn nearby.

The rioters were “throwing things into their street fire to make it grow bigger,” Ngô tweeted, saying that police just “stand back and watch from a distance.”

“Rioters have a huge banner that reads, ‘Every city, every town, burn the precinct to the ground,’” he revealed.

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