Anthony Weiner returns to Twitter after 9 years away — but followers say ‘just don’t’

It’s just too hard for Weiner to stay off Twitter.

The disgraced ex-congressman-turned-convicted sex offender has returned to the social media site that set the stage for his sex selfie-fueled downfall more than a decade ago.

The 57-year-old tweeted on Wednesday for the first time in nine years, asking for tips on making a social media comeback from followers — who solidly agreed that he should just stay away.

“Advice for returning to Twitter,” Weiner tweeted, along with the social media sites’ poll button feature. 

The poll choices included: “Update your bio then run,” “Act like nothing happened” and “Just don’t.”

Though the competition was stiff, “Just don’t” was the clear winner, rising to the top of the poll as the choice of 62% of respondents.

People also gave the deflated congressman a hard time in the comment section under the post, with some offering sage words of wisdom such as, “keep your DM’s off. Permanently.”


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