Another Liberal (Soros funded?) DA Presides over Blue City Blues with Shooting Death of Pregnant Woman

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Police Blast Philadelphia DA After Shooting Death of Pregnant Woman

Philadelphia District Attorney Krasner was blasted by the city’s deputy police commissioner after a 32-year-old pregnant woman was shot 11 times Saturday night.

The Daily Mail reports that the deceased mother, Jessica Covington, was shot and killed while unloading gifts she had received at a baby shower.

Both Covington and her unborn child were killed in the attack.

Deputy police commissioner Christine Coulter blasted DA Krasner following the incident, demanding that he do something about the gun violence ravaging the city.

Coulter said, “Children are getting shot, unborn children getting shot, what is the city doing about this?”

Earlier this year, on March 30, 2021, the Philadelphia Inquirer noted that gun arrests were up in Philadelphia but gun convictions under Krasner were down.

The Inquirer noted that police were “making arrests for carrying an illegal gun on a pace nearly three times that of 2017,” yet chances of the arrested persons being convicted are less than 50 percent.

Lawrence Samuel Krasner was elected to the position in 2017. He campaigned on a platform to reform elements of the criminal justice system, including to reduce incarceration.

During his tenure as DA, Krasner has sought to spearhead criminal justice reform. His policies include ending criminal charges against those caught with marijuana possession, ending cash bail for those accused of some misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies, reducing supervision for parolees, and seeking more lenient sentences for certain crimes. During his time in office, he has advocated for greater police accountability and pursued police misconduct.

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