Anonymous submission from a listener, a verified scientist

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Dear Dr. Savage,

Thank you for your sharing your intellect and stories. My Dad and I would listen when working on the house and I have lots of great memories working with him with your voice in the background. I wanted to contact you for MANY years about many different things.

I have a PhD in Cell and Molecular Biology and recently quit my tenure-track faculty position at a large academic health system on the East Coast due to their nonsensical pandemic response policies. My reasons for this judgement lie at the intersection of my scientific training and my convictions as a Roman Catholic. My research work included proteomic studies of pathogenic bacteria with an eye toward identification of proteins important in host-pathogen interactions and targets for rapid detection.

I appreciate when you talk about nutrition and science. After researching primary medical and scientific literature about the biological activity of the spike protein (itself a potent virulence factor), I knew I would not submit to inoculation.

I assembled an extensive and annotated packet of material for my doctors. Two would not even let me leave it with them to review. The third was skeptical, but took the package and said he would read it. He called me the next day and we had a great conversation. He was bowled over and very thankful I had gathered and shared all this information with him. He signed my medical exemption form due to my numerous autoimmune disorders and low wbc and platelet counts. He saved my life and I will be forever grateful.

The university accepted my medical exemption but made me test two times a week and submit my information through a 3rd party application (Navica by Abbot labs). The application user agreement stated it would submit my information to local, state, federal law enforcement upon request and as needed. Administration provided no support or clarification.

Additionally, constant messaging from the university shaped a culture in which unvaccinated people were ostracized and demoralized. Add this to nearly-constant politically charged (hateful), left-wing, anti-American messaging, (along with notices for sex-toy bingo, pride week, and everything else), and I just could no longer stay.