Andrew Dice Clay Dealing with Bell’s Palsy but Continuing to Perform: ‘Untouchable’

Andrew Dice Clay is dealing with Bell’s palsy, a rare condition that causes sudden paralysis in facial muscles — but it’s not stopping him from hitting the stage.

The comedian, 63, posted on Instagram on Wednesday that he has “some Bell Palzy Face” but still headed out to see his A Star Is Born costar Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett perform at Radio City. Clay also performed this week at a New Jersey comedy club, writing on Instagram: “It don’t matter … palsy face or not !!! Untouchable.”

Clay’s reps confirmed to TMZ on Friday that a doctor diagnosed him with Bell’s palsy after the star woke up a few weeks ago with a drooping face. His doctor said the symptoms should go away in a few weeks, the outlet reported.

PEOPLE has reached out to Clay’s reps for further comment.

Bell’s palsy is a rare condition, affecting less than 200,000 people in the U.S. a year, that causes temporary paralysis of facial muscles. It has no known cause, though it may be due to inflammation in the immune system, according to Johns Hopkins Medicine. There is no treatment, but it will typically wear off between two weeks and six months after the initial symptoms.


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