Andrew Cuomo’s outrageous new low is fresh reason he needs to go now

The New York Post:

In yet another sign of why New York needs Gov. Andrew Cuomo gone yesterday, it turns out his vaccine czar has been calling county executives to push them to stand by Cuomo.

Given how Team Cuomo operates, the threat didn’t even have to be voiced: Cross the governor, and your county will get fewer of the life-saving pharmaceuticals. That it was Larry Schwartz, a longtime Cuomo loyalist, making the call sent that message all by itself.

Even if Schwartz intended no such thing, it was massively wrong to have him work the phones for this purpose. The mere appearance of politicizing the vaccine is appalling.

By itself, this is grounds for immediate impeachment. Worse, it demonstrates yet again that nothing is below this governor and his inner circle. If they’ll threaten innocent lives in the middle of a pandemic just to get minor political support, they’ll sell out the public on any and all fronts just to buy Cuomo more time.

The governor has already shown a habit of relaxing various lockdown restrictions at key moments when he can use a popularity boost. Every decision he makes now will prompt the question of whether he’s acting for the public’s good or merely for his own.

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